Monday, July 30, 2007


The Ardhanareeswara Trisadhi presented here is more a formulation based on traditional principles and mostly derived from Lalitha Trisati and Rudram. However some 34 namavali are original reference to the Lord composed based on the inner meaning attributed to the Lord by Greats like Jagad Guru Adi Shankara and Muthuswamy Deeshidar’s Kritis.

The formulation was originally made as Siva-Sakthi Sadsathi and presented as Offering at the Siva Vishnu Temple, Washington DC on January 15, 2002 during Maker Vilakku Puja in the Lord Iyappan Sannidhi.

It was then slowly integrated as
Ardhanareeswara Trisadhi with the incorporation of The 34 Namaas refered to in the 1st Para.

Sanskrit 99 with itranslator 99 has been used Devanagiri. Sanskrit 99 are downloadable From web. If we click on google for these, the same will be accessible.

It is my duty to place on record my gratitude to Pujya Sri Sri Paramarthananda Saraswaty for his time and useful suggestions to improve the formulation.

It would have been impossible to bring it to the present form but for the Editorial help a
nd correction rendered by Sri S. Srinivasan, Chairman and MD., SRA Systems.

The Tamil settings on PC was done by Rajamani Muthuswamy and Sanskrit by Ganesh Srinivasan and Bharathi Ganesh. Their help is appreciated.

Oom Namo Ardhanareeswaraya Nama: Oom.

Dr. M. Srinivasan


Brig Thyagu - தியாகராஜன் said...

Dear Dr Srinivasan Sir,
I must admit that having been associated with you for so many years, I never knew that you are such a great genius in areas other than your professional expertise.
I have become wiser after reading the detailed description of Ardhanreeswara followed by the thrisadhi.
Our heartiest congrats for your great contribution. We will meet you at Bangalore / Chennai when we visit during the end of this month.

Chandramouli said...

Respected Srinivasan,
Lord Sri Thriyambaga Rudhra's end less manifestations have emancipated countless Saiva Siddhas while the Siddhas traversed the universe on attaining sookshma sareera leaving behind the stola sareera, it is through these devotees the Maha Mrithunjeya prasadham reaches the eligible Siva Bhakthas. I pray one such experience occurs and the Maha Mruthyunjeya prasadham gets to your reach very soon.
Aayushmaan Bhava, Vijayee Bhava.